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X-T100 Camera Body Firmware Update Ver.2.01 Please read the followings and update the firmware. Notes · Please read this update after refreshing this page. * In case of Windows (Internet Explorer / FireFox / Google Chrome), hold down the “Control” key *

X-T100 Camera Body Firmware Update Ver.2.01 Notes · Please read this update after refreshing this page. * In case of Windows (Internet Explorer / FireFox / Google Chrome), hold down the “control” key and “F5” key. * In case of Mac (Safari / Google

Onto the X-T100, firmware version 1.10 adds the same two new Advance Filters, Square capture mode, improved autofocus accuracy in AF-C mode present in the X-A5 firmware update. Fujifilm has also made the default ISO setting when switching between P, S

Ver.1.20からVer.2.00への変更内容 追加、変更される下記項目(No1,2,3)の操作方法や説明については、X-T100 New Features Guideをホームページからダウンロードしてご確認ください。 X-T100 New Features Guide(PDF:212KB) タッチズームで撮影した画像を再生拡大

Firmware version 2.00 brings two new shooting modes and one new setting to its X-T100 and X-A5 camera systems. marc petzold Simple, because 1) people are silly, mass-compatible lemmings 2) Fujifilm gets the most bashing, from both Canikon, and Sony

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If you have purchased a Fujifilm X Series mirrorless camera recently, updating the latest firmware or software will fix bugs and improve performance from time to time. I have successfully updated my Fujifilm X-T100 firmware using these easy steps and trust me, it was an easy update with no hassle.

The FUJIFILM X-T100 is compatible with Fujifilm’s award-winning X Mount lens range, including the latest small and light electronic zoom lens, the XC15-45mmF3.5-5.6 OIS PZ. As a result, the FUJIFILM X-T100 can be used to cover any photographic subject and

Fujifilm X-T100 Firmware Version 2.00 The firmware update Ver.2.00 from Ver.1.21 incorporates the following issues: 1. NEW “Bright Mode” added The customer can select the new “Bright Mode” which allows shooting more brightly and vividly when selecting the

Fujifilm X-T100 Firmware Version 2.01, download here When using an external flash, an image can be recorded with a selected color temperature. 2. The phenomenon is fixed that a display of the focused AF area is shifted when enlarging a recorded image by the

The Fujifilm X-T20 has been around for well over a year longer than the X-T100. It’s still a little more expensive, so does the newer camera present a good option? 1. Price Obviously price is a defining factor in most purchases, but though the X-T100 is an entry level X Series camera, and priced accordingly, the mid-level X-T20 isn’t that much more of an outlay, maybe £200 more at the

Design, Build Quality and Interface

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10/7/2018 · Fuji Guy Francis gives you a quick look on what you can expect from a firmware update for you FUJIFILM camera and shows you how to update it.

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21/3/2019 · While the X-T100 is a great camera for the price, it has a few major flaws that could be fixed with a firmware update to make it even better. #fujifilm #vlogging #camerareview #review #gearreview

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19/10/2019 · It is my hope that Fujifilm looks to enhance the performance speed of the X-T100 via a future firmware update – something that Fujifilm is well known for. It is worth mentioning the Fujifilm XC 15-45mm f/3.5-5.6 power zoom lens, as this is bundled as the kit lens


Because the X-T20 films in 4K, I wouldn’t be surprised if these features come via firmware update at some point. The X-T100 also has more self timer options that will mostly benefit those who take selfies on a regular basis. These are Smile, Buddy, Group, and

Fujifilm X-Pro3 firmware 1.01 – download here The phenomenon is fixed that a line noise can appear on the right end of a recorded image in continuous shooting with ES (Electronic Shutter). Fujifilm X-T100 firmware 2.01 – download here When using an external

Fujifilm Firmware Updates Fujifilm has just released new firmware updates for Fujifilm X-T100 and X-A5. Fujifilm X-T100 Firmware Ver.1.10 – download here Advanced Filters “Rich & Fine” and “Monochrome [NIR]” “Rich & Fine” filter is recommended for food and other

Firmware version 1.10 for the X-T100 and firmware version 1.20 for the X-A5 add two new Advanced Filters: Rich & Fine and Monochrome [NIR]. The Rich & Fine filter is designed to increase colour saturation and add slight vignette and is targeted towards for food and

14/2/2019 · Fujifilm has released new firmware updates for the X-T100 and X-A5 mirrorless cameras, available for download today. Version 2.00 adds a new Bright Mode, 5 step adjustment for “Portrait Enhancer” Mode, and a new Night+ setting. Fujifilm UK Press Release

今天測試一下新firmware ver1.2 有改善之前對焦的問題,暗處也對的到焦,對焦速度也變快 這重大問題有解決X-A5是個可以購買的選項了

Fujifilm FinePix X100 推出新 Firmware 富士剛為近期相當矚目的 FinePix X100 推出新 Firmware,最新版本為 Ver.1.01,新韌體主要修正了於 “快速啟動模式” 時關閉

19/3/2019 · X-Trans 表現較好?富士 X-T20 vs X-T100 盲 測帶起話題 數碼相機除了解像,色彩表現亦是另一重要議題,而影響到色彩還源的除了影像處理方面,顯然最

【X-A5及X-T100相機韌體更新】 更新X-A5 及X-T100後, 1. 新增了明亮模式。 2. 5個美肌級別可供選擇。 3. 新增夜景+ (Night+)模式。 更多詳情可詳閱以下網址,並下載最新韌體: X

【X-T100及XF10相機韌體更新】 更新X-T100後, 1. 優化了識別主體的表現及穩定性。 2. 優化了曝光補償轉盤的反應。 更新XF10後, 1. 優化了識別主體的表現及穩定性。 2. 優化了曝光補償轉盤的反應。 3. 修正了於資訊顯示中高光警告未能出現的現象。

17/12/2019 · Fujifilm has just released a new firmware update for the X-T3 (Dec. 17, 2019) X-T3 Camera Body Firmware Update Ver.3.10 Please login or register to view links The firmware update Ver.3.10 from Ver.3.01 incorporates the following issues: Regarding the details

19/7/2018 · The Fujifilm X-T100 is the latest mirrorless camera to hit the streets, combining the image quality of the entry-level X-A series cameras with the features and styling of the more premium X-T models, at a price that won’t break the bank. Does it hit the right balance


Fujifilm today issued a press release saying they will release free firmware updates for the Fujifilm X-T100 and Fujifilm X-A5 Continue reading Camera News, Fujifilm Leave a comment Fujifilm X-T100 Mirrorless Camera Officially Announced, Price $599 Posted on

20/2/2020 · Looking for a Fujifilm X-T20 vs Fujifilm X-T100 comparison? The X-T20 starts up faster. Find out where the X-T100 wins!

14/2/2019 · FUJIFILM X-T100 (Version 2.00 / Verfügbar ab Mitte Februar 2019) Die Details der neuen Funktionen: 1. Neuer „Aufhell-Modus“ Bei Aufnahmen im „Erweiterten SR Automatik-Modus“ sorgt der „Aufhell-Modus“ für leuchtende Bildergebnisse und kräftige Farben. Der

FUJIFILM X-T100 Owner’s Manual This page can be viewed from smartphones and tablets. To view this manual in English or Chinese, select ENGLISH or 中文簡 in the language options. To view the manual translated into other languages using Google’s machine

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X-T100 – XF18-135mm I have been using this camera extensively over the course of the last 2 months. Firstly, I have been shooting the editorial-packshots, secondly I have been shooting almost all of the images for the camera brochure. (Download at Fujifilm.com

An Affordable And, in Some Regards, Impressive X Series Camera

El firmware 1.20 para la Fujifilm X-T100 llega unos días después de que la Fuji X-A5 recibiera su dosis de actualizaciones.Ninguna novedad espectacular, pero sí un indicio de que Fujifilm está dedicando esfuerzo para mejorar su gama de entrada. Los precios de los

Fujifilm has announced the availability of two new firmware versions targeted at its X-T100 and X-A5 cameras, namely 1.10 and 1.20, respectively, which improves the AF accuracy when pressing the shutter button halfway in AF-C mode and fixes slight defects. In

Download Fujifilm X-T100 Camera Firmware 1.20 (Digital Camera / Webcam / Camcorder) Changes: – Performance and stability of the main subject recognition function are improved. – Improvement of the exposure compensation dial response.

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Fujifilm released the Fujifilm X-T3, X-Pro3, X-T100, X-A7, X-A5, XF10, and FinePix XP140 updates in Japan, which I will update with US links soon. You can use these updates on any camera so feel free to get a head start and I will update the links when they go live.

We review the Fujifilm X-T100, Fujifilm’s retro styled entry-level mirrorless camera with an EVF. Will this little camera deliver performance that’s as good a it lo Quick Verdict The Fujifilm X


After couple of years of using Fujifilm – and having troubles with connection to my Android phone plenty of times, after seeing Camera Remote being slow – all of which I can live with (thou its hard) – this app started putting files to different locations. Took me a long

Fujifilm X-T100 im Test: Das flexible Bedienkonzept ist individuell anpassbar Bei der Bedienung orientiert sich die X-T100 stärker an der X-A5 als an der X-T20. So bringt sie ein PSAM-Moduswahlrad mit, während die X-T20 (und die anderen höherwertigen X-Modelle

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The following video presents Fuji Guys – FUJIFILM X-T100 – Top Features: Fujifilm released the firmware update Ver. 1.20 (Nov. 27, 2018) for Fujifilm X-T100 camera body. This update wil

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I bought my X-Pro2 in June, 2016, and I have never updated the firmware. I want to get to the latest firmware. Is the latest version (v5.00, I believe) comprehensive, and upgrade directly to that version, or do I need to load each past firmware version in order and

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Fujifilm released the Fujifilm X-T3, X-Pro3, X-T100, X-A7, X-A5, XF10, and FinePix XP140 updates. With the firmware update version 3.10 for Fujifilm X-T3 enables controls for video recording from Gimbal / Drone via USB communications and Fujifilm also plans to

Along with the firmware update for Fujifilm X-T3, Fuji also annnounced new firmware updates for Fujifilm X-T100 and X-A5 cameras. Both cameras has the same upgrade and the firmware update adds bright mode, “Night+” setting and Portrait Enhancer. You can

25/6/2018 · This illustration shows the outward tilt of the X-T100’s monitor, which also extends through almost 180 degrees to the side of the camera. (Source: Fujifilm.) The three-way tilting LCD monitor dominates the rear panel of the X-T100, with the EVF eyepiece prominent


Fujifilm X-Pro3 firmware 1.01 – download here Corrected the symptom that a line-shaped scratch may occur on the right edge of the image in ES (Electronic Shutter) continuous shooting. Fujifilm X-T100 firmware 2.01 – download here Flash photography can now