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7/7/2018 · Logitech recently released the G512 mechanical gaming keyboard and with it their new clicky GX Blue mechanical switch. In this video we take a look at the new switch and compare it with the two

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This G512 vs G513 Review and Comparison ( Detailed Discuss ) article covers this product in details which allows you to decide that you should invest your money in it or not. That’s all for this post. Hopefully, we have covered every aspect for you. Keep visiting our

10/10/2018 · The G513 comes with the aformentioned wrist rest, some extra keycaps, a tool for removing the keycaps, and the G513 is available in Cherry MX Blue, as well as in Romer-G. Are you referring to the new announcement of the GX Blue switches? Also, can’t you just

Fairly simple question. Is there a difference between the two keyboards other than the $50 price premium and the wrist rest on the g513? Thanks, OwenIt looks like that’s all the difference there is. Which I don’t get.The G513 comes with the aformentioned wrist rest, some extra keycaps, a tool for removing the keycaps, and the G513 is available in Cherry MX Blue,Are you referring to the new announcement of the GX Blue switches? Also, can’t you just buy those keycaps seperately. And for gaming and typing onOops! My bad, yes. I was referring to that. In my opinion, linear keycaps are harder to get used to, so I would go with tactile.No problem! I’ve never had a mecha keyboard, so that seems like a good place to start.Trust me. When you switch to mechanical, you’ll never want to go back. After I switched to a mechanical keyboard, all other keyboards feel squishyWell, it’s the G512 that I believe only comes with GX Blues or standard Romer-G switches And the G513 only comes with standard Romer-G switchesAm I able to get the wrist rest sperately because I have the g512 and I would love to have the g513 wrist rest

Currently own the g513 Linear and have only experienced the g413 (tactiles) in stores as I have used mx blues and browns mainly (and compared to those the romer g tactiles do feel mushy, though it didnt really bother me that much after some time).

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10/5/2018 · Review Logitech G513 로지텍 새로운 축 등장! G512 키보드 ROMER-G 리니어와 택타일(기존축 ) 타건 비교 영상 – Duration: 1:02. 이건희 14,534 views 1:02

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4/4/2018 · Au niveau des performances, le G513 est le premier modèle de la marque a proposer des interrupteurs Romer-G linéaires, qui reprennent des spécificités assez proches de celles des switches

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10/6/2018 · Some sound tests with fast typing on the new Romer-G Linear mechanical switch definitely prefer these over the Tactile, but as always, it’s personal preference. I’m a big fan of quiet, smooth

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G512 is a high-performance gaming keyboard featuring your choice of advanced GX mechanical switches. Advanced gaming technology and aluminum-alloy construction make G512 simple, durable and full-featured. G512 can be customizable per key with

Type the rainbow — Logitech’s successor to the G413 mechanical keyboard doubles key switch choices Logitech announced a new frameless mechanical keyboard for gaming today. It’s called the G513

G513 is a high-performance gaming keyboard featuring your choice of advanced GX mechanical switches. The detachable, memory-foam palmrest and premium aluminum-alloy construction make G513 full-featured and best-in-class. G513 can be customizable per

There’s also a less expensive variation of the G513 called the G512 ($100), which omits the wrist rest, extra keycaps and keycap puller from the G513 , but is otherwise identical. While Logitech


The Logitech G513 is a feature-rich mid-range keyboard that will be a great addition to your setup. Read on to find out why. Our Verdict The Logitech G513 isn’t a direct sequel to


Silent, sharp, and precise are the best words to describe the Logitech G512 Carbon keyboard, equipped with the Romer-G Tactile switches. I’ll admit it, I am a fan of the satisfying “clicky” sound that would come with the GX Blue for this product, but I was pleasantly

G512 G513 왜 이렇게 판매하는지는 모르겠지만, 아시아쪽에서는 G512로 판매되고 있는데 외국에는 G513이라는 이름으로 판매되고 있다. G513은 팜레스트가 포함되어 있다. G512와 차이점이라면 팜레스트 뿐인데, 팜레스트가 필요하면 G513을 직구하면되고

Here you find an overview of the top mechanical keyboards that are currently available and their performance in various tests and reviews. More information about each keyboard, its mechanical switches, features, illumination and layout can be found in the respective

Logitech เป ดต ว Mechanical Keyboard ใหม ร น G513/G512 หล งจากป ท แล ว Logitech ได เป ดต ว Mechanical Keyboard G413 ของต วเองไป ป น ได ออกต วต อยอดมาในร นช อว า G513 คร บ (และร นย อย G512 ท ผมเช คจากเวป Logitech

1/6/2018 · Logitech’s G513 is more than an attractive, professional-looking keyboard. It’s also the debut of the new Romer-G Linear switch, a faux-Cherry MX Red that finally gives Logitech


Compare Logitech G613 vs Logitech G513 RGB vs Logitech G910 Orion Spark vs Logitech G610 Orion Brown B&H for B2B, Gov, Students & More B&H Main site Federal Marketplace Students & Educators Government, Education & Corporate Read 800.606

Le dispositif G513 est un clavier gaming hautes performances vous permettant de choisir parmi les switchs mécaniques avancés GX. Le repose-poignets amovible en mousse à mémoire de forme et la construction en alliage d’aluminium de qualité supérieure font du clavier G513

24/8/2018 · Key spacing felt spot on; I needed no time to adjust to the G512’s layout and was typing comfortably and accurately as soon as I took it out of the box. Unlike with the pricier G513, the G512 Carbon does not include any replacement keycaps. Logitech G512


G513 you get a palm rest which many say is great and high quality. You also get some spare keys and key puller. G512 is the same keyboard but with no palm rest or spare keys (which is a fucking disappointment for a 120€ keyboard IMO) Would you say that the

22/8/2018 · Logitech G513 – Software and lighting Lighting is an interesting one, since the G513 is actually my new favourite keyboard for RGB integration. This is really down to the software interface


hello guys i bought g513 keyboard. Overall is a very good keyboard but i have a furstration with the thick cable i think its heavy and i worry it may break my motherboard’s

Logitech G513 Carbon es uno de los mejores teclados mecánicos que podemos encontrar en el mercado, se trata de un modelo equipado con los avanzados switches Romer-G, que se han diseñado de forma específica para los videojuegos, o los nuevos GX Blue.

r/LogitechG: Welcome to the Logitech G subreddit! This is the place to talk about Logitech G hardware and software, pro gaming competitions and our I was thinking about buying the G513 but noticed the G413 at least looks like the same thing but without a

羅技做喇叭擁有相當悠久的歷史,但專門為遊戲產品推出喇叭這卻是頭一遭。今天發表的 Logitech G560 是第一款掛上 Logitech G 品牌的新品,雖然說外觀上有點像 MX Sound,都是圓圓的,但其實 G560 是一組 2.1 聲道的系統,所以在看不到的地方還要放一個巨大的低音單體。 G560 主打的是取

The G512 is built on the same design of the G413 and G513 keyboards. The new G512 can be ordered with one of three different switches inside including the existing Tactile and Linear switches

Logitech G 羅技G系列配合 Garena 旗下的《英雄聯盟》「咆嘯大對決」比賽,正式推出「幻焰之戰」G512電競鍵盤,獨家 Romer-G 機械軸手感大升級,推出全新觸感的線性機械軸

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The G513 Carbon’s large palm rest lacks the BlackWidow Chroma V2’s magnetic connection to the keyboard. You simply sit it next to the keyboard, and grips on the underside keep it in place. At 3.46


1/10/2018 · Logitech G512 Carbon Mechanical Gaming Keyboard review: Finally, some new switch choices You’re not stuck with the same switches anymore For the longest time, Logitech has had just one Romer-G switch. This was a tactile, non-clicky switch designed with


In case that page and video I linked to ever goes away, here’s what’s up: In November 2017, Logitech created a video and blog post requesting applications for developer kits for the Logitech Bridge SDK. The idea was that using the HTC Vive Tracker, you could have a physical Logitech keyboard that gets reproduced virtually inside a VR environment.

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The Logitech G512 is a high-performance mechanical gaming keyboard built on the award-winning design of the G413 and G513. The keyboard offers three different key switch choices – Tactile, Linear and the new GX Blue.

I am wondering the same thing as I just got the G512 myself. I want to say its like what FlyyingMonk said, most likely for a phone holder. I wonder if you could use it to extend lightsync in some way but I really doubt it. Either way, looking forward to Logitechs new

Though it cries out for media/macro keys, the minimalist Logitech G513 Carbon gaming keyboard justifies its price with custom, RGB-lit mechanical switches that feel great and

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18/6/2018 · The G512 features Logitech’s Romer-G switches, an in-house competitor to the popular Cherry MX found in most gaming mechanical keyboards from other brands, and comes in two flavours.


As it turns out, the G560 RGB Gaming Speakers which are priced at RM 999 will be released in our market in early May. However, it will not be the only Lightsync-enabled device to be made available in Malaysia though as the equally new G512 RGB Mechanical Gaming

Logitech G513 is a mechanical keyboard that follows the existing minimalist trend, and which is a worthy replacement for the previous generation. One of the problems with Logitech keyboards, even

The G512 and G513 will have the GX Blue switch The G512 gaming keyboard is going to offer a sweet spot in keyboard switch: audible “click” actuation but with less “clack” than traditional

Logitech G613 vs Corsair K63 Wireless The Logitech G613 and the Corsair K63 Wireless are both cordless mechanical keyboards, but they differ in a lot of aspects. Which model is better? There is of course no general answer, but here is an outline of the most

26/3/2018 · The Logitech G513 has full RGB, a USB passthrough, a comfortable included wrist rest, and a quality build. The inclusion of proprietary switches might turn some off depending on preference, but there’s no doubt the G513 is a solid all around gaming keyboard


The G513 also comes with a palm rest made of memory foam and leatherette for extreme comfort, durability, longevity and easy upkeep. It’s environmentally friendly, waterproof and resistant to

16/5/2017 · 玩遊戲,機械鍵盤肯定少不了,今天給大家推薦的一款產品就是一款機械鍵盤——羅技G512 遊戲機械鍵盤。高性能87鍵機械鍵大盤點,遊戲發燒友的摯愛 2017-01-13 愛玩遊戲的小夥伴也許都碰到過這樣一個問題吧,就是使用標準版鍵盤玩遊戲的時候,尤其是

Logitech G adds a new variant of the Logitech G512 and G513 Mechanical Gaming Keyboards featuring the new GX Blue mechanical switches. Pricing and Availability The Logitech G512 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with a choice of Tactile, Linear or GX Blue key switches will be available at select retailers in Asia starting June 2018 with an MSRP of $99.99.

Buy Logitech G513 RGB Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Romer-G Linear Keyswitches (Carbon): Electronics – Amazon.com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Amazon.com Return Policy: You may return any new computer purchased from Amazon.com that is “dead on arrival,” arrives in damaged condition, or is still in unopened boxes, for a full refund within 30 days of purchase.


Logitech’s G513 keyboard and G560 speakers come with its new Lightsync dynamic lighting technology Logitech has announced two new additions to its family of gaming peripherals. The new G513 mechanical keyboard and G560 PC gaming speakers are the first to feature Logitech’s Lightsync technology, which syncs the lighting effects on your speaker or keyboard to your gameplay.